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Sublingual Immunotherapy
Sublingual immunotherapy, also known as allergy drops, works by gradually helping your body build tolerance to the substance(s) that cause your allergies. By delivering daily allergy drops consistently, the body begins to tolerate things that cause allergic reactions.

Sublingual immunotherapy for environmental or inhalant allergies is the most-commonly prescribed form of allergy drops used in the United States. With the La Crosse Method™ Protocol, allergy antigens used in the treatment bottle include only what the patient is determined to be allergic to. These antigens are the same FDA-approved extracts that are used in allergy shots; the route of administration (and mechanism) is the primary difference.

Multi-allergen inhalant threshold dosing can be provided for patients with multiple moderate to severe allergies to pollens, mites, animals, and molds or with a history of anaphylaxis. The treatment level is tailored to the patient’s skin or blood test results. Patients take a dose three times daily using a metered dispenser that delivers a precise amount of antigen. One bottle lasts 90 days.

The benefits of treatment can include:

  • the reduced need for ongoing allergy medications
  • improved quality of life and in some cases, stopping the progression of the “atopic march” which can lead to asthma and other allergy-related conditions in young children.

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