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Facial Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Transfer

Today fat seems to be public enemy number one. We’re obsessed with eating low-fat foods and exercising to lose body fat. But loss of fat in the facial area due to aging can create an undesirable appearance.

Think of the smooth roundness of a child’s face. We’re all born with a natural volume of facial fat that we naturally lose over time. This loss of fullness can lead to sagging skin, wrinkles, and hollows in the cheeks or over the brows. The good news is that most people have excess fat in other areas of the body (and you know where those areas are!) that can be used to restore fullness and volume to the face.

Understanding the Facial Fat Transfer Procedure:

Structural fat transfer is a procedure that utilizes tiny, invisible incisions to collect your own body fat. The fat is then relocated through injection to create desired improvements in your facial area. Recent advancements in this fat transfer process have made it an excellent long-lasting option for filling out sagging or hollowed areas, enhancing cheekbones, adding fullness to eyelids, reducing dark circles under the eyes, and even filling out the lips.

Fat transfer can be very effective method when used alone, and it’s a beautiful way to sculpt and add fullness in conjunction with blepharoplasty, a brow lift, or a facelift. Recovery time varies, but is normally one to two weeks.