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Tired Of Suffering From Allergies?

May 07, 2021
Tired Of Suffering From Allergies?
Tired of suffering from allergies? Maybe it’s time to treat the cause instead of symptoms.

Tired of suffering from allergies? Maybe it’s time to treat the cause instead of symptoms.

Spend a few moments talking to most anyone in the Midwest, and you’ll find that if they’re not affected by allergies, chances are someone close to them is.

While it’s no secret that our region has its share of allergens, until recently, not many people were aware of one of the most promising treatments emerging in the field of allergic medicine—allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy. But that’s changing.

Now that Advanced Specialty Associates has added this treatment option, allergy sufferers can experience the benefits of immunotherapy through allergy drops by treating the cause, not just the symptoms, of their allergies. Allergy drops work similarly to allergy shots, but instead of going into an allergist’s office for weekly injections, the patient takes the personalized treatment at home on a daily basis. Patients may find that the delivery of a liquid drop under the tongue can be easier and more convenient to tolerate.

“Over the years, I have had patients with recurring allergic issues that were difficult to stay ahead of,” says Dr. Waters. “I became interested in sublingual immunotherapy as a safe, convenient and effective alternative for my patients. This treatment has also been shown to improve surgical outcomes for patients with chronic sinusitis with underlying allergy.” 

Advanced Specialty Associates offers the benefit of expertise through treatment using the La Crosse Method Protocol, which has been used clinically for more than 50 years. The treatment is personalized to each patient – address what they’re allergic to and at which precise level. This helps us reduce risks of reactions and move patients along through their treatment at a pace that is personalized for them to build tolerance.

With the rise in allergies nationwide, that’s good news and new hope of a long-term solution for allergy sufferers in the area. To find out whether you or a family member might be a candidate for sublingual immunotherapy, contact us at 218-454-8888.