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Trending Fillers At Advanced Specialty Associates

Apr 06, 2021
Trending Fillers At Advanced Specialty Associates
At Advanced Specialty Associates we are proud to offer Botox and Filler Injectables to our patients at both ASA locations in Baxter and St Paul. In this blog, our Nurse Injector, Chandra discusses the hottest trends with filler as we head into...

At Advanced Specialty Associates we are proud to offer Botox and Filler Injectables to our patients at both ASA locations in Baxter and St Paul. Injectable treatments are designed to enhance your appearance and restore the skin’s vitality. These formulations can be customized to the unique needs of each patient, with options for smoothing away wrinkles, restoring facial volume, and enhancing facial contours. There are many different types of facial fillers and our nurse injector, Chandra, will recommend the best possible options specifically for you!

There are trainings and hype about new indications for our current injectables, as well as the launch of the newest HA (Hylaronic acid ) filler on the market. If you haven’t already heard the buzz, both Juvederm and Restylane have new FDA approved indications for their product in the chin and jawline. Also, Chandra was able to receive hands in training with highly respected Connie Brennan recently! 

Next, Sculptra Aesthetic is one of the most talked about products in the aesthetic industry right now. This product has been around for years, and differs from the other injectables. It’s versatile on the sense that it can both volumize and well as stimulate collagen. How you ask? It’s PLLA and is a biostimulator which means the product promotes growth from within. Because of this one of the added benefits (my personal favorite benefit) which is the “sculptra glow”. The stimulation in cell production can leave the skin glowing, helping with a more youthful appearance. Why haven’t you heard of this injectable? Likely because so often, patients are looking for something more instant with immediate results. This month only we have a promo for $100 your treatment with Sculptra Aesthetic. Call either of our offices to learn more about this promotion! 

Last, but certainly not least is the RHA collection of designer filler, offered exclusively at Advanced Specialty Associates. We are proud to be the only practice in Northern Minnesota to offer this amazing filler! For those looking for a flexible, natural looking filler with a little longer lasting result, (their studies show up to 15 months) this is a product you’ve been waiting for. As you all know, at Advanced Specialty Associates we pride ourselves on keeping our patients looking refreshed, while still still looking natural; that is why we our so excited to bring this product on to our already amazing portfolio. Because each patient is unique and requires assessment, please call to schedule your appointment with our our highly trained Nurse Injector Chandra to discuss your goals, and typically be able to treat you the same day. Let us help get refreshed and glowing for summer! Call the office to schedule an appointment | 218-454-8888