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What Can Stop This Ringing In My Ears?

Jul 02, 2023
What Can Stop This Ringing In My Ears?
If you’re one of the millions of Americans hearing ringing in the ears, you’re probably ready to make it stop. Take a moment to learn about this condition, called tinnitus, and whether there are treatment options to help you find relief.

If you’re among the more than 50 million American adults dealing with tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, chances are you want to make it stop. While this condition rarely points to a serious underlying health issue, that doesn’t make it harmless. 

Tinnitus can affect your quality of life, interrupt important life moments, and trigger mental strain. People with tinnitus hear sounds that aren’t caused by an external stimulus, including: 

  • Ringing or buzzing
  • Hissing or clicking
  • Roaring or humming
  • Squealing or high-pitched whines

For some people, tinnitus presents in time with the beating of their heart as a rhythmic whooshing or pulsing. Ongoing tinnitus can lead to physical symptoms, too, such as headaches or nausea. 

While there isn’t a single cure for tinnitus, at Advanced Specialty Associates in St. Paul and Baxter, Minnesota, our board-certified providers offer different solutions to help manage symptoms. Keep reading to learn more about tinnitus and whether anything can make it stop.    

What caused my tinnitus?

From simple problems, such as a buildup of earwax, to problematic underlying issues, such as a tumor, different causes can trigger tinnitus. The cause and type of tinnitus are closely linked. 

The big majority (more than 99%) of tinnitus sufferers get subjective tinnitus, which means the only person who can hear the sounds in your ears is you. Certain risk factors increase your likelihood of developing this condition, including:

  • Getting older
  • Earwax buildup
  • Being male
  • Being in the military
  • History of chronic sinus infections
  • Being a musician or listening to loud music
  • Having a loud work environment
  • Frequently taking part in gun-related activities
  • Riding motorbikes, motorcycles, or other loud machines 
  • Taking certain medications, such as diuretics

Less commonly, people develop objective tinnitus. This form of the condition is caused by a physical issue, such as an auditory dysfunction, structural abnormality, vascular disease, or neurological disease. 

With objective tinnitus, another person can hear the sound you’re hearing, usually with the help of a stethoscope or other medical device. While life-threatening causes are rare, the possibility makes it important to see a specialist if you’re experiencing ringing in one or both ears.

Can anything stop tinnitus? 

Unfortunately, no evidence-based cure for tinnitus exists. But, that doesn’t mean effective treatment options don’t exist. At Advanced Specialty Associates, our team offers a number of solutions that may be able to ease your tinnitus symptoms and help you be more comfortable. 

The right treatment depends on your symptoms, the type of tinnitus you have, and the severity of your condition. For example, if your ringing in the ears is caused by a buildup of excess earwax, removing the blockage could be all that’s required to help you find relief. 

Your provider at Advanced Specialty Associates can create personalized tinnitus treatment recommendations, such as:

  • Lifestyle changes to improve circulation
  • Hearing aids or implants
  • Medications
  • Changing medications if they’re a cause
  • Counseling 
  • Noise-suppression devices

In some cases, your provider may recommend surgical intervention to address inner ear damage or nerve conditions that could be contributing to your tinnitus. Get personalized help for tinnitus by scheduling a consultation online or over the phone with Advanced Specialty Associates today. We’re located in St. Paul and Baxter, Minnesota.