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Liposuction services offered in Baxter and Lilydale, St. Paul, MN

Liposuction is a safe, minimally invasive solution that can accelerate fat loss and reshape your body. At Advanced Specialty Associates in St. Paul and Baxter, Minnesota, the team of facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology specialists perform multiple types of liposuction to remove unwanted fat with minimal downtime. Call your nearest location today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Liposuction Q&A

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that effectively eliminates small fat deposits in the treatment area. The procedure can target fat nearly anywhere on the body, including underneath the chin, neck, abdomen, and inner/outer thighs. 


Liposuction is ideal for individuals with good skin elasticity and isolated fat deposits. The procedure creates a smoother and sleeker appearance in different areas of the body. Patients can also combine liposuction with other procedures, such as excision of the excess skin, to enhance their results.

Are there different types of liposuction?

Advanced Specialty Associates offers two types of liposuction to remove unwanted fat:

Traditional liposuction

Traditional liposuction is a surgical technique that involves suctioning fat through small incisions in the skin. A suction device carefully extracts fat from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. 

ProLipo PLUS™ laser liposuction

ProLipo laser liposuction uses an energy-based device to remove fat with superior results. The procedure combines traditional liposuction with skin tightening techniques for a slimmer physique, fewer unwanted pockets of fat, and firmer skin. ProLipo even stimulates collagen to tighten and tone your skin further.


After an initial consultation, the team can recommend the best type of liposuction for your body and goals.

Am I a good candidate for liposuction?

Since liposuction is not a weight loss treatment, the best liposuction candidates have stubborn pockets of fat that haven’t responded to diet and exercise. Ideal candidates are within 30% of a healthy weight. Other characteristics of an ideal liposuction candidate include:


  • Non-smoker
  • Firm, elastic skin
  • Realistic expectations
  • Decent muscle tone


All liposuction candidates should be active and healthy with no life-threatening underlying conditions. The team at Advanced Specialty Associates performs a comprehensive medical history review and physical exam before your procedure to ensure you’re healthy enough for liposuction.

What can I expect from liposuction?

After administering an anesthetic to minimize discomfort, the team makes a small incision in your treatment area and inserts a thin tube called a cannula. Laser liposuction uses energy to liquefy the fat cells, making them easier to remove. Most procedures take between 20 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the number of treatment areas.


You should rest for at least one to two days after your treatment, but you can resume your normal activities shortly. Liposuction results are immediately visible, though you may experience minor bruising and swelling for a few days. In most cases, liposuction results are permanent with proper weight management.


Call Advanced Specialty Associates today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about liposuction.